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I recently bought “Sound of Silver” by LCD Soundsystem with a JB voucher i got for my birthday. it was one of the most critically lauded albums of 2007. Really enjoying it.

In listening to the album I did a bit of reading about James Murphy, the creative brains behind the music, and came across this hilarious and intriguing interview with him. Check it out. Your mind will be boggled!

Also two clips of songs taken from “Sound of Silver”. Godbless.



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Cheers to Hugo who lent me his Spike Jonze collection of music videos. This was one of them from the late 90s.

Who is the famous film director featured here doing a complicated gymnast routine?

Great song.


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Not as great as the two previous ones I have posted, but cool nonetheless. The second clip is fit and nausea inducing – so be warned.

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