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“From the top of the flight

of the wide, white stairs,

through the rest of my life,

do you wait for me there?”

Joanna Newsom.  “Ys”, Track 3: ‘Sawdust and Diamonds’.


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“The Lord is faithful, who made himself our debtor –

not by accepting anything from us,

but by promising us all things.”

John Calvin, Institutes, 3.18.7.

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This is perhaps my favourite David Bowie track. He released this way back in 1975 and it is as fresh as ever. Unfortunately, the album of the same name which contained this song is not one of his best.
He never produced a music video for this one, but this performance live on the Dick Cavett show is great.

David Bowie is one of the few musical artists whose singles catalogue allows for lots of interesting favourites.
What’s your favourite David Bowie song?

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