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I’m not ordinarily a big fan of mimicry.

I think it is because every man and his dog does the same ones ad nauseum: Austin Powers, Darryl Kerrigan, Arnie, Sean Connery doing Bond, etc.

“The Trip” takes some of these predictable impressions and pads them out with two funny men eating strange food and trying to one-up each other. It was formerly a BBC tv show, but has now been re-edited into a feature film for American audiences.

I don’t think i’ll go and catch the film (it has recently opened in theatres here in Australia), but I have enjoyed some of the choice moments. Here’s perhaps my favourite…




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Another Lykke Li song. I think I prefer this clip to the one below.

The propulsive vocals fit the snow chase. There’s some clangy instrument here that I love. Maybe its a Swedish cowbell. I don’t know.

These singles off her recent album appear to be a marked improvement on her earlier stuff (from 2007/8) which was far from lousy. I guess that’s what the critics (and amateur commentators) call musical maturity. Whatever.



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My sister introduced me to the films of Nuri Ceylan Bilge a few years back now.

They are all absolutely breathtaking!

Think an Egyptian “Samson and Delilah” with a focus on relational distance and dysfunction.

He’s created at least two masterpieces from the noughties: Distant (2002) and Climates (2006).

If you’re interested in art films which have a secondary interest in narrative, then check them both out.

But recently at Cannes his new film Once Upon a Time in Anatolia was unveiled. It won the jury prize for best director. And it looks pretty breathtaking. I wonder if it’ll make it to Australia?

I bloody well hope so!



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Haven’t slapped anything down for over a year. Life hey!

This clip from Lykke Li has been getting rave reviews from every man and his dog on youtube.

Maybe it isn’t all that, but it is something.

Good tune.



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